About Green-Renewable Energy

15,915 TWh

of green-renewable energy was consumed in 2018. That’s around 10.5% of the overall energy production.

In 2008, the share of renewables on the world’s energy mix was roughly 7%. That may doesn’t sound like much less than today but in terms of the total energy produced, this is an increase from 9,182 TWh to 15,915 TWh. Or in other words: In the last ten years, the consumption of renewable energy has risen by


But there is also Criticism against Wind, Water and Solar Power

“Solar panels cannot be recycled.”
“Hydropower destroys ecosystems.”
“Windfarms are killing birds and bats.”
“Windfarms cause stress and noise pollution.”
“Renewable energy is only successful because it is heavily subsidized.”
“With pushing renewables, governments have destroyed thousands of jobs.”