About me

I am a Senior PR and reputation consultant who lives and works in Chur and London. I bring seven years of professional experience, mainly in public relations, reputation affairs, internal and external communications (including change and crisis management), marketing and journalism. My focus lies on tourism, energy from a political perspective (including energy revolution), and the automotive industry.

would describe myself as a generalist with a wide range of interests and hobbies

love being in nature (mountain biking and skiing) but also feel comfortable with technology and  engines

like to be in the air but also go diving

used to row during high school times but shifted towards sailing boats in my 20s

play ice hockey and, of course, as a native of Grisons, I was able “to ski” before I learned “to walk” – which I am fortunate to have mastered by now, too.


My motto: Always challenge the status quo – Get out of the comfort zone, only then you get better!

In a nutshell

Name: Yannick Kramm

Age: 29

Location: Chur (CH) and London (UK)

Education: Energy and Environmental Change MA (graduating January 2020), BSc in Tourism Management (graduated 2014)

Profession: Since 2015 Senior Account Manager @BrandAffairs.com and @ReputationAffairs.com, Zürich and London

Earlier: Prison Guard in Bern / Social Media Manager @HTWChur.ch / Front office and CRM trainee @ChurTourismus.ch