From Berne to Lisbon – by plane

From Berne to Lisbon – by plane

Not with a night train but by plane, yet inspired by Pascal Merciers book. Leaving Switzerland on a cloudy pre-pre-summer day and arriving in a warm Lisbon, a city I wanted to get know for a long time.

Panorama Sao Jorge und BaixaAnd yes, it is a beautiful city, despite economical and emigrational issues. It has the right size to discover most places by foot, but if you prefer public transport there are plenty of busses, subways and trams at your disposal. Oh yes, and ships which cross the river Tejo. Even though I’m wondering if one couldn’t name it a “lake” or even a kind of a fjord, considering its size.

DSC_7527We stayed at an Air BnB close to the castle and, almost, on top of one of the many hills. That doesn’t just sound like a lot of hiking and climbing, it is like that. At least if you missed the “elevador”, elevators which would bring you a little easier on top of the hills.

The city was clean and vivid with lots of tourists, hence, many locals trying to sell you things. And with things I mean drugs. And with drugs I mean teabags pressed like hashish and flour packaged like cocaine. On one day I was counting eleven young men who wanted to sell these things. A simple “no” is accepted though, and they will even wish you a nice stay. We didn’t meet any pickpockets and in four days we were only asked twice for money. Both times in the subway. We felt very secure and the Portuguese we met were very friendly. Even the car drivers were stopping in front of a crosswalk and would let us crossing the streets.

DSC_7649We had a great stay in Lisbon and would recommend the city to everyone, particularly to people who like old cities, oenophiles – wine lover, and fans of the Mediterranean climate.

Some more impressions can be found here.

Good Morning, Vietnam

Good Morning, Vietnam

What a journey. Starting in Hanoi, we made our way through Vietnam, heading south towards Ho Chi Minh City. UNESCO World Heritage sites along the way, astonishing rice paddies, friendly locals, cheap and tasty food, white beaches, tropical heat and one of the most interesting histories of the post world war II time. I was overwhelmed with impressions and a month fly past with a single blink. Our main stations along the way were Hanoi, Ha Long Bay, Sapa, Ninh Binh, Hue, Hoi An, Mui Ne, Ho Chi Minh City, Mekong Delta and Phu Quoc Island.

DSC_6981Monsuun Season? – No, made a break during our stay.

DSC_6436Road Traffic? – Yes, it’s exactely like everyone tells you.

DSC_6664Landscapes? – Very diverse, very dramatic, very cool.

DCIM102GOPROFun Factor? – I’ll give it 10/10. Yeah, definitely 10.

Whould I do it again? – When does the next plane leave?

You don’t belief me? Than check out the pictures!

Flying visit to Prag

After the tourism experts compulsory week in Berlin at the ITB me and three friends of mine stopped on our way back in Prag. Lovely weather and huge steaks for 8 Euros: Everything the heart desires for a two-day trip in early march! Find a few pictures online here

Blog – Take One

This is to inform the planet about my newest activity – blogging. I’m deeply sorry for all the trash that will be posted within this site in the closer future. However, if you really read this it’s kinda your own fault. So, go ahaid or stay were you are, participate or keep silent, be curious or indifferent – it’s at your own risk.