I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list – Susan Sontag




Ireland 2016

Pictures were taken between April and May 2016. It’s been the second time already that I circuled the green Island.


2015-07-08 16.16.11





London 2015

Pictures were taken in July 2015, when I stayed in London for 5 weeks.

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Lisbon 2015

Pictures were taken in June 2015. What a beautiful city with a great mediterranean atmosphere. I could go there a thousand times.

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Vietnam 2014

Pictures were taken in July and August 2014. We did the typical tourist-trip starting in Hanoi and ending in Ho-Chi-Minh-City. I love that country!

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Prag 2014

Pictures are from March 2014, when we had a stopover on a business trip to Berlin. Kafkas homeplace is indeed full of remarcable buildings.






USA East Coast 2013

Pictures were taken in August and September 2013. It’s been my second road trip in the US, this time on the Atlantic coast, starting in Boston and ending on the Florida Keys.






Slovenia 2013

Pictures are from May 2013 when we had a University Project in severla Slovenian cities/ places.






Hamburg –  Annual short leave

Hamburg is my second hometown. I’m usually there at least once per year, still trying to cover all seasons.

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